Gulf Coast Show Piece*  Crainer 15,    5.5"/28" MRe Maroon blend,black eye and edge,green throat, 4 branches, 21 buds, Ev  $50 dbf

Gulf Coast Ray Saved Me*  Crainer 2015, 5.5"/23", EMRe, Maroon with water mark, intense green throat,  green edge, 3way branching, 15 buds, Ev, $50 dbf

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Gulf Coast Treasure Chest  Crainer 2015 6"/27", lavender, water mark, darker band, green throat, Ev, $50 dbf

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Gulf Coast Out of Your Shell*  Crainer 2015, 5.5"/27" EMRe, Light cream, dark purple eye and edge, green throat. 3way branching, 17 buds, Ev, $100 dbf sold out

Gulf Coast Angel Eye  Crainer 2015 2.875"/18" MRe, Peach cream blend, red eye, gold green throat, 3way branching, 2 buds, Ev, $35 dbf +

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Gulf Coast Cowboy Up*  Crainer 2015, 6.25"/30" MRe, Yellow cream blend, Plum eye, green throat, 4way branching, 20 buds, Ev, $50 dbf

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Gulf Coast Ronnie's Memorial*  Crainer 2015, 7"/29", EMRe, Lemon yellow blend, green throat, 3way branching, 17 buds, Ev, $50 dbf

Gulf Coast Day for Play*  Crainer 2015 5.5"/27", MRe, Cream, yellow ruffled edge, green throat, 4way branching, 23 buds, Ev, $50 dbf

Gulf Coast Home Run* Crainer 2015, 6.75/25" MRe, Cream yellow blend, paprika eye  and edge, double edge, green throat $50 dbf.


Gulf Coast Beach Umbrella  Crainer 2015 7"/28",EMRe,  Lavender blend, darker lavender eye plum band, green throat with veining, 3way branching, 18 buds, Ev, $50 dbf

Gulf Coast Break Water*  Crainer 2015 5"/27" MRe maroon cream blend, dark maroon eye and edge, green throat, 4way branch, 20 buds, Ev $50 dbl fan  

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