Crainer's Daylily Farm

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Gulf Coast Gren Squaw

(Crainer)5.75"/26",em,reb,ev,19 buds/3 branching

(Unknown x Unknown)$65sf [SOL OUT]

Gulf Coast Karen

(Crainer)6"/30"UF,em,reb,ev,22 buds/ 4 branching

(Waltz with the Wind x Lacy Marionette)$50 df

Gulf Coast Endless Summer

(Crainer)6"/27"em,reb,sev,21 buds/4 branching

(Unknown x Spectral Elegance)$35 df  sold out

Gulf Coast Summer Vacation

(Crainer)4.375"/24" em,reb,ev,23 buds/4 branching

(Velvet Ice x Eyes Wide Shut )$35 df  

Gulf Coast Beach Baby

(Crainer) 2.875"/22", em,reb,ev,23 buds/4 branching

(Dixie Boy x Spacecoast Sea Shells) $50 df

Gulf Coast This is it

(Crainer)4.375"/24",em,reb,ev,21 buds/4 branching

(unknown x unknown) $50 df sold out

Gulf Coast It's a Peach

(Crainer) 5.75"/27"em,reb,ev,20buds/3branching

(Exotic Treasure x Mount Herman's Treasure)$50 df sold out

Gulf Coast Julia Ann

(Crainer)5.5"/26"em,reb,ev,20 buds/3branching

(un x Song Triumphant) $50 dbf [SOLD OUT]

2015 Spring Tet Introductions

Gulf Coast  Seas the Day (Crainer),5.875"/26",m,feb,ev,22Buds/4Branching

(Space Coast Shiner x Miss Gaudy) $50 df sold out

Gulf Coast Miss Bea (Crainer), 5.75"/30"em,reb,ev,21Buds/4 Branching

(Song Triumphant x Gulf Coast Black Eye) $50dbf

Gulf Coast Eye Declare

(Crainer)5.5"/26"em,reb,sev,20 buds/ 3branching

(unknown x unknown)$45 df

2015 Spring Dip Introductions

Gulf Coast Cowboy Drifter

(Crainer)6"/31"m,reb,ev,21 buds/ 4 branching

(Gillian x Velvet Ice)$50 df [SOLD OUT]

Gulf Coast Here Comes the Sun

(Crainer)5.5"/27",e,reb,ev,20 buds/ 4 branching)

(Wish Fulfillment x Spectra Elegance)$35 df sold out

Gulf Coast Last Cowboy Standing

(Crainer)5.75"/29" m,reb,ev,21 buds/3 branching)

(Gillian x Velvet Ice)$50 df

Gulf Coast Nonie's Pick

(Crainer)5.75"/29" m,reb,ev.20 buds/3 branching

(Spacecoast Shiner x Fashion Police) $ 50 df

Gulf Coast Pier Pressure

(Crainer)4.375"/22" em,reb,ev,22buds/4 branching

(Berry Patch x Dance With Julie) $50 df  sold out